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Golden Cord

Golden Cord is Lapili's permanent collection, her most intimate and
personal, the collection that comes straight from her guts.

The cord is the perfect symbol of Lapili's abstract imagery, a timeline that visualizes through textiles. When times get rough she unravels her fibers; when everything flows her twists come out perfect.

The cord is not her own: we all come to life hanging by a thread and nothing really starts until that cord is broken either in a symbolic or literal way. Roman parcae, Greek moirai, Scandinavian norns... They all wove men's fate by spinning the strands of life.

The fiber itself is a fragile material born from the earth but which can become as strong as the ropes with which boats are docked in place, simply by twisting itself.

Golden Cord is Lapili's way of understanding her own life; the premise that best represents her influences; the combination of certain aspects out of textile tradition and the aesthetics of the American Hip-Hop from the 1980s and 1990s.

Golden Cord textile jewelry look sturdy and metallic but at the same time always surprise with their lightness.

— 2020 —

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