About me

María del Pilar Robles, the multidisciplinary artist today known as Lapili, was born in Ciudad Real in 1994. Her claim to fame comes in April 2018 with the viral hit “Cómeme el dónut” and since then this singer, stylist, designer, dancer, and choreographer, has become a symbol of female empowerment on her own right.

From an early age, Lapili shows a great passion for music, dance and fashion, and, at the tender age of three years, she already performs her first shows built around the songs she likes most. She herself takes care of the choreography and the costume design which she dreams up out of her mother's old handkerchiefs, tied into knots.

At the age of 14, Lapili joins a competitive Hip Hop ensemble and spends the next several seasons on the road, competing in various Spanish cities until she discovers Dancehall and afrobeats rhythms three years later. That's when she decides to undertake her own self-taught research journey on these and other forms of dance.

Once in Granada, the city she moves to in order to complete her studies in Textile Art, Lapili earns an award from the Junta de Andalucia in plastic arts with her project

“Cuerpo Teje Cuerpo”, and does so without leaving dance behind, a world
where she still continues to learn and grow, both as a teacher and a student.

lapili upcycling.jpg

After completing her studies, Lapili starts her own textile jewelry brand, Lapilipili:

Jewelry, accessories, garments and upcycling fashion. 

2016 turns out to be a frantic year in which Lapili not only starts her work for Vinila Vintage,  Bismarck's clothing and design brand, but it's also the year  Glitch Gyals is born, a transdisciplinary contemporary art duo formed alongside her cousin, Alejandro Robles / Jirafa Rey with which they perform actions where they mix dance, performance and, of course, textile art, for institutions like the MaF or the Universidad of Málaga. 

Lapili moves to Madrid in 2018 with the intention of growing as an artist, and she begins working on the styling of such relevant figures as Bejo or Nathy Peluso, before jumping to fame with  Glitch Gyals appearance on Factor X and their viral hit “Cómeme el dónut”. Later, with “Muslona”, Lapili takes advantage of the same platform to spread her message of female liberation, shedding of hang-ups and body positivity. 

Glitch Gyals release their “Misteip del Chichi” in 2019 and then, as Lapili, “No Depilada” alongside Bejo, “Ocupada” alongside Bryte or “Tejedora”, on her own.  

2020 promises to be the year of her first mixtape: Peligro de Extinción, produced by Guilty Beats with a rhythms fusion led by afrobeat, and she's bound to continue releasing singles and making appearances on different shows; by herself, and also accompanied by her dance team, always in search of an increasingly faithful way to reflect her essence as an artist.

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